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By on January 11, 2015


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I do not believe in competition. Many of us are busy chasing rainbows, hungry for fame, power, and money. I prefer simplicity, and am happy to live in my world, where I can authentically define the scope of my efforts and views of success. There are three tiers to my life’s achievements: family, health, and happiness. It is important to keep our true identities in view and not become caught up in materialism or the facades of power and fame. Why give importance to these superficial considerations? What truly matters is to love and be our best at whatever we undertake. Such is my definition of happiness.

Here’s to your Health and Happiness !

From my Passion to yours,

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About the Author

Nicky Dare’s skills and areas of expertise include Management Consulting, Corporate Strategic Planning, and serving as the Founder of the GMMC Consulting firm (Global Meta Management Consultants, Ltd.). Spanning over twenty-five years, Nicky’s illustrious career in international management consulting, specializing in Business Process Re-Engineering “BPR” and Change Management, leadership, team, and relationship-building in corporate environments is an outgrowth of her time-honored commitment to excellence, loyalty, dedication and integrity. Raised in Houston, Texas in the 1970’s, she completed her B.A. at the University of Houston, and traveled throughout the U.K. Scotland, and Southeast Asia. Nicky pioneered her own management consulting business, received her MBA degree from IPMI Business School, and relocated to Southern California in the 1990’s, where she raised her children and currently resides with her family. The Audacity of Veracity – iDARE is Nicky’s first book in a forthcoming series.






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